How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan For Your Home

With so many choices in ceiling fans here a guide to choosing the right fan for all your needs. Fans vary from size, shape, design and application. This is a great place to start. When thing you will want to remember when purchasing a ceiling fan is quality is key. There are many great fan companies that produce life time warranties on their motors. This is important because if you get a cheaper fan it will start to hum while it is in use. You may not notice this during the day but when you are in bed trying to sleep this may become bothersome.

The first thing you will want to look at when choosing a indoor fan is where are you using it. You don’t want to put a indoor fan outside. These fans are specially designed with blades that can take moisture. They are typically made from plastic material or woods that resist moisture. They also have special motors that are sealed to keep the elements out. Many outdoor ceiling fans come with a variety of light kits options to match your outdoor d├ęcor.

There is also a big difference indoor ceiling fans. Indoors Size plays a large role in the comfort that it will provide. You don’t want to choose a small fan for a large room. This would be almost useless because it would not move enough air to be comfortable. You also don’t want to get a fan that is to large that make your room feel like a wind tunnel.

Hunter Ceiling fans has a great guide on how to choose the right size fan for your room. It is definitely worth checking out to get the right size fan for your home. They also have a great guide on how to choose the right size down rod to get the most out of your fan.