Kitchen Cabinet Storage Tips – How to Use Your Cabinets to Declutter Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet storage is an excellent way to save yourself some room in your home. The right cabinets can offer you a lot of room for your belongings and prevent them from building up in the rest of the home.

They are likewise a great method of getting your home organized, and it’s much better for the mind if it has clear surroundings. Your mind always works much better when you are in a clutter free environment, and if you don’t believe me, try it.

Here are a few simple steps to make the process easier.

(1) Discard anything you aren’t using

However, really the main tip you should remember is to get rid of anything you aren’t still using.

Sure you can organize everything in your kitchen with cabinet organizers, segmenting, etc, but why organize it if you don’t need it in the first place? This step alone can really help with your kitchen cabinet storage.

(2)Group related items together

First of all, we will begin with how to organize your dinnerware. Put your dinner plates in a pile, cups in another, forks, and so on.

Make sure that everything is grouped together; mixing and matching them throughout is a sure way to get everything lost. Also, try to put cups up on hooks to save additional room, because interspersing them with your plates will just have a cluttering affect on everything else.

(3)Use cabinet organizers

Something else you might think about is putting in cabinet organizers, which really do work, in case you’ve never tried them out.

These are essentially racks that keep things in their own separate place. So, for example, you can put all the cups on one rack, the plates on another, and so on.

The main idea here is to put like items together in one cabinet, and then further separate them according to the above guidelines. For example, you might have a separate one where you put your canned goods.

In here, you might keep the soup in one pile, the peas in another, and so on. It’s not rocket science, but it can really save you a lot of time with your kitchen cabinet storage, and help you be much more effective when working in your kitchen.

(4)Use sliding trays

Consider having sliding trays that come toward you. Having trays that are able to slide towards you is another excellent choice.

The bottom line is, kitchen cabinet storage can save you a ton of room, but only when done right. Follow these tips to getting a clutter free kitchen as soon as possible.

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