The Best Antique Oak Desk Styles

Look around you and see how people are humbly embracing their roots. They have seen new things emerge because of advancing technology. Even so, a good percentage of them want to buy a classic item still. Furniture trends come out often, and probably you have a few latest pieces in your house too. So far, do you have a writing desk or a computer desk? If you bring too much office paperwork at home, you do not have to mess your living room or bedroom. A good desk with storage options is just the right thing for you. Just to create a different appearance in your house, try an antique oak desk. You can simply choose from several options available in the market.

A lovely kid’s writing desk with hutch in antique oak finish is a good option. This desk is the Powell Company product and it will cost you only $939 at Amazon, and probably more in other shopping places. The honey brown oak finishing style will coordinate your house’s white walls, brown flooring and even the most typical ceiling colors. This is a nice item to buy for your kids, especially if they have computer as well. The desk is simple, typical furniture, but it is very versatile. It comes with a wooden chair in the same brown oak finish and a padded sitting area in white color. The kid could keep his or her schoolbooks and tools, and even other play items like small toys. The following are brief product features:

• It comes with a single writing desk and one hutch

• The desk dimensions are 487/8 inches W by 20 inches D by 301/4 inches H

• The hutch dimensions are 481/2 inches W by 13 1/8 inches D by 471/4 inches H

• The desk features either Mindy or an oak wood.

• It features simple wire management, two storage drawers with a shelf behind grooved framed panel door.

• You need to assemble this furniture before using it.

You can still find another antique oak desk for your kids. The kids’ writing desk with rope design trim is just perfect. It has honey brown oak finish, it is very beautiful, and it is made of oak and Mindy wood. The dimension of this desk is 487/8 inches by 20 inches D by 30 inches H. It has unique antique aged brass doubloon pulls and hardware. This is perhaps the best and the simplest writing desk for your kids. If you want to provide the best learning environment for your children, this desk is just the beginning.