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Understanding Independent Medical Examination.

31 million people suffer injuries annually just in the US. Two million of those affected will have to be seen by a doctor. In case you have an injury determine whether it could have been avoided if someone else was not negligent. Be it a personal injury, slip-and-fall or even a car accident injury, if someone else was responsible you should be asking for compensation. Nonetheless, you should be prepared for an independent medical examination to support your case. In the event that you have never heard of an IME keep reading to get all the details you have been looking for. Rarely will an insurance company agree to pay the compensation you have asked for especially if it is high which is why they always dispute. This is why an IME is important because it will ensure they own up to their responsibility.

IME is conducted by a neutral doctor who will not favor either party. This means the medical report will be objective and neutral. In this case, the agreement will ensure fairness when it comes to compensation. In case the insurance company feels like the amount you are asking is too much an IME can be ordered. It is not just the insurance that can ask for the IME but you and the lawyer representing you can ask for the same too especially if you feel the diagnosis given wasn’t correct or when you feel there is a need for an in-depth medical examination. The party calling for the IME is allowed to pick the doctor who will complete the examination. Apart from the previous medical report, the doctor will also have a look at the other documents you have presented. At times the insurance company can present more questions for the doctor to answer during the process to understand the situation better.

Some of the questions that may arise include whether the symptoms are as a result of the accident and if the condition was properly diagnosed. On top of that, the doctor will determine whether you require more tests and treatments and if you are able to resume your work. Permanent disabilities caused by the accident can also be determined by the doctor and if there are accommodations you will need should you go back to work. The medical exam is done per the protocol. Consequently, the examining doctor will explore the injuries sustained and talk to you about the symptoms. If more tests are deemed necessary they will be ordered and x-rays might be necessary.