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How To Design A Brick Patio The Easy Way

Designing a brick patio is actually easy and convenient. One does not have to be an expert or a professional to be able to create exceptionally unique designs.

However, he may consult some individuals, whose expertise and specialization are into brick patio designs, for suggestions, recommendations and helpful inputs. Also, he may do some related and relevant researches either at the library or through any of the mass media – Internet, television, radio and the likes.

Moreover, the homeowner, who plans to design his own brick patio, may get good ideas or great combinations from various magazines, printed outputs or newspapers, which feature several brick patios. Having these aforementioned things done and accomplished, he could be able to get the perfect brick patio.

On the other hand, purchasing or even utilizing restored or recovered bricks and dispersing or spreading them out in a random manner may create an atmosphere, which is very relaxing and casual.

Such brick patio designs offer a conducive place or area for comfort, relaxation, pleasure, excitement and leisure. Spending sufficient quality time and moments with family, relatives, loved ones or friends in a cozy and relaxed place is always expected to be felt at its best.

It is pretty cool to have breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner or any meals in the outdoor living space, and would really be convenient to engage in some small talks and even private yet healthy conversations.

More so, an extended or improved living space – one which indeed will make the homeowner feel comfortable and at ease, can be the perfect hideaway either from his busy days or loads or tons of works, and may be a complete retreat during holidays, weekends or even free time.

Certainly, it comes in a total package that can put emotions and extreme feelings into the preferred ambiance or environment of each event.

Furthermore, many homeowners have perceived and have come to realize the need and importance of putting up an outdoor enhancement or extension. It is actually more than just the idea of expanding or developing a living space.

What matters the most is the experience or beauty it could bring to their lives. So, it is better if you get started with and be opened for changes. You should start looking for and being terribly hooked with the most recent, extraordinary and sophisticated brick patio designs, which will truly suit your taste and mood.

Seven Steps To Build A Perfect Brick Patio

Creating a new landscape feature is not that difficult as it sounds. A fresh appearance to your house can always be accomplished by building a brick patio. You can even make this as your weekend project, and totally change the look of your house. It could be a collective effort of your family when all family members decide to sit together and work out their terrain in their own way.

Following are seven steps to build the perfect brick patio:

1. Picking the right spot – when you choose a spot, always keep in mind the area and design. Narrow track brick walkways are the most effective ones. Mark the area with chalk to help you in further steps.

2. Coagulating the soil- it means to mechanically increase the density of the soil, to provide stability, reduces water seepage, swelling and contraction. It can be done simply by applying the dead weight of a machine, applying downward force. You can rent a compactor to make the job easier.

3. Creating a base – Sand is bedded to level surface, they help the construction to stay and be leveled. But the most important is to create a base line for the entire area with landscape fabric; otherwise you will inevitably find weeds growing through the bricks. After this pour an inch of sand in the entire area, and pat it down firmly.

4. Edging – edging is very important because if edges are not attended to properly, the whole idea would seem like it was created in a different lab and placed on the ground out of nowhere. Use a paver edger to give a tight finish to your edges.

5. Laying your Brick Patio brick – You need not be a skilled mason to do this; just lay the bricks uniformly and it stays that way. It is always better to start from one corner.

6. Choosing the right bricks – make sure the brick you choose is grated and is rated for severe weather. Also the brick should be made of high-quality clay and well fired. Brick shapes can also be changed; it doesn’t always have to be rectangular. Many designs are available to choose from. The more creative you get the better impression you create in your own landscape.

7. Joining bricks – fill the space between bricks by Portland cement mortar. Another way is to pour the sand on the leveled bricks and then spray a special sealant bought from a hardware store. This makes cleaning of the patio easy, quick and simple. Wait a few hours after this and then scrub the bricks to remove any stains.

The traditional method of concrete base is now being replaced by sand and gravel base, as concrete is now more expensive. It is suggested to know the climatic conditions because freezing temperatures can cause mortar to heave and crack. But the important thing is that having a brick patio will enhance your house even without furnishings. They have a classic and timeless appeal which will last for a very long time.

Patio Ideas – Stepping Out With Stone Patio Designs And Brick Patio Patterns

Tired of retro concrete with a boring brick trim? Or perhaps the pressure treated border timbers holding back a creeping riot of crab grass down the middle of your patio or drive? Making a stone patio design change has never been easier. New materials like interlocking paving stones, improved engineering and installation open a new world of landscape patio ideas to add class, and value to your home and lifestyle.

Outdoor Patio Ideas – The Creative “Ah Hah” Insight. Where does a new, bold and classy patio design idea come from? For starters, “think outside the box”… view your property fresh… eliminate all the conventional square edges and rectangles, and see whether new shapes and a wholly different integration of plants, patio and drive can be created.

Step #1 – Measurements And Layouts. Take your time. Measure your present drive or patio space. Add any features or re-shaping that you’d like to consider. Once you have the gross dimensions worked out… or square footage, you’re ready to look at some of the contemporary stone patio designs… drawing from the wide range of interlocking earth hued long lasting textured stones… or perhaps an innovative brick paving pattern to highlight your property.

Step #2 – Who’s The Right Contractor? Stone patio construction requires engineering knowledge, special measuring tools, excavating equipment and a trained eye for space and layouts. Unless you’re on the extreme edge of the do-it-yourselfer Bell Curve, you’ll be looking at local landscape construction firms to do the heavy lifting. Here’s the “inside scoop” on how to gauge the best artisans:-

* Tip #1 – Background Business Stuff. The background ‘business stuff” you need to directly look over includes (a). a copy of the contractor’s license to operate (b). evidence of workers comp coverage and (c). evidence of accident and property liability insurance, to insulate you-as-customer from potential legal actions based on the contractor’s fault.

* Tip #2 – Examples Of Job Performance. Here’s where your critical eye comes into focus. You want naturally to see current site work, in order to get a feel for how the contractor works, type of equipment, whether he shows up on schedule and so on. However, a deeper time-based view of the contractor’s skill will exist in past work… jobs that he performed 2 to 5 years ago! These are the sites where the “product quality” reveals itself. Did the patio or drive foundation buckle or sag? Did the paver stones or bricks move around? Did the edges collapse? Did crabgrass and other vegetation take over?

* Tip #3 – Get Customer References. You can’t talk to enough customers, or competent referring tradesmen, when you’re selecting your contractor. After all, you’re making a substantial investment in your property. You want your new stone patio design to look terrific… and last for years with minimal maintenance and cost.

Step #3 – Stone Patio Construction. Going from a stone patio design to a finished landscape is all about engineering know-how… building proper foundations, understanding the various materials and how they’ll integrate to create strength and long lasting durability.

* Site Prep. First, your site is “prepped”… old stuff like concrete, wood borders, excess gravel and so on are removed. Your patio or drive is marked and elevation or depths marked and measured with strings.

* Establishing Level “True” Grade. Small “cats” and back hoes scrape and re-position material, drawing down to around 7 inches below the final elevation. By hand, workman screed the patio or drive area, fine-tuning the grade so that it’s ‘true’ and level, even where it naturally slopes away for drainage.

* Sand And Compacting. Refined sand is spread across the patio ‘field’, then compacted and screed-leveled until a perfect grade and substrate has been created… at an elevation about 3 inches below “final grade”, or at the grade where your selected paving stone’s dimensions will complete the elevation.

* Laying The Brick Patio Pattern. No matter whether you’ve selected bricks or an interlocking paving stone design, the next step is where the patio or drive “field” is actually set out… all the stones or bricks are laid down, true to your stone patio design. Dry sand is spread over the bricks or paver stones, followed by careful compacting which shakes and distributes sand into all the cracks. Result? Sand plus stones plus substrate “interlock” to form a solid, long wear surface.

Bottom Line. Learn more about the patio ideas including stone patio designs and patio landscaping ideas that will create an outdoor living environment that will add a new lifestyle touch.